Koç Üniversitesi KUEPE Sınav Örneği

7 Aralık 2019; 20:51

Koç Üniversitesi hazırlık atlama sınavı (KUEPE) için örnekler üniversitenin resmi sitesinde bulunuyor. KUEPE sınavına hazırlanıyorsanız size faydası olabilecek reading, listening, writing ve speaking bölümlerini bu gönderimizde inceleyebilirsiniz.

KUEPE Reading

Örnek paragraf ve örnek soru

“Until school attendance became compulsory in the United States in the mid-19th century, apprenticeships and communal activities were the primary ways in which young children learned. However, this sort of individual instruction was increasingly replaced by systematized group methods fueled by laws regulating child labor and other social changes that placed more children in schools. Not long after universal compulsory school laws were enacted—a process that was completed in the U.S. by the early 20th century—some parents and educators grew dissatisfied with the dominant school system and offered alternatives, including learning at home.”

1) The main aim of paragraph 2 is to ____.
a) explain when apprenticeships and communal activities lost their popularity in the U.S.
b) show how compulsory school laws ended child labor in the U.S.
c) criticize the way homeschooling was replaced by the school system in the U.S.
d) summarize the developments that led to the idea of homeschooling in the U.S.

KUEPE Use of English

“There is a myth that bilinguals express their true emotions in their first language (when they have not acquired both languages at the same time). Like all myths, there are instances 21 true. For example, an adult Portuguese-English bilingual who 22 English when he was fourteen might say that if something 23 angry, there is no doubt that he will use Portuguese to express himself.”

Use of English Part 1

21)a) where is itb) when it isc) while is itd) which it is
22)a) acquiredb) has acquiredc) is acquiringd) has been acquiring
23)a) he madeb) makes himc) he will maked) which makes him

Use of English Part 2 – Metin

“To test the power of the placebo effect, a group of researchers had people drink an energy drink that was advertised as 32 people’s mental ability. To 33 the effect of the drink on people’s performance, they measured the number of words that people were able to unscramble. In the study, 34 were told different information about the effectiveness of the drink.”

Use of English Part 2 – Seçenekler

32)a) alteringb) fluctuatingc) commencingd) monitoring
33)a) justifyb) analyzec) maximized) accommodate
34)a) substitutesb) commissionsc) categoriesd) participants


Örnek Metin

“Alex: Well, basically, as you said, it’s an opportunity for the public to participate and collaborate in scientific research. And this is done simply with the intention of increasing the amount of scientific knowledge. Through this program we can involve the public in the projects scientists are leading by having them gather more data in a relatively short amount of time.”

Örnek Soru

The purpose of Citizen Science is to ______.
a) encourage more people to become scientists
b) raise funds for community scientific projects
c) increase the amount of scientific knowledge
d) raise awareness of technological developments

KUEPE Writing

Örnek Writing konusu:

In your opinion, do social media have a positive influence on children’s social development? Why or why not?

KUEPE Speaking

Some people believe that the purpose of going to school is to pass exams rather than to
gain knowledge. What is your opinion on this issue? Why?

What factors at home or in school make learning difficult for students? (Why?/How?)
How can parents or teachers deal with those problems?

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